staff & Board

In addition to our summer coaches, Maskwa is led by a highly qualified team of year-round coaches and staff. We are also fortunate to have a volunteer Board of Directors serving the Maskwa community.


Head Coach christian hall

Christian Hall is Maskwa’s Head Coach, and provides overall leadership to all programs at Maskwa. Christian coaches the High Performance group and trains athletes as they progress through the various development levels. Christian has been coaching since 2010, and holds a BA from MSVU, a Juris Doctor from UNB, and numerous coaching certifications. He sits on the CanoeKayak Canada Coaches Technical Committee, as well as their National Officials Committee, and is highly respected within the canoe kayak world.

Assistant Head Coach jacob mckenna

Jacob McKenna is Maskwa’s Assistant Head Coach. He is responsible for the Academy & Masters programs and supporting the Head Coach in overall supervision of the club’s paddling programs.  Jacob began coaching at Senobe in 2014 where his work was instrumental in the club’s success at the U12/U14 and National levels.  Jacob has worked to develop athletes of all ages and disciplines and has worked with both development and high performance athletes in his various roles.  Jacob is currently completing his Comp- Dev coaching certification as well as his history degree at St. Mary’s University.

development Coach savannah sullivan

Savannah Sullivan is Maskwa’s Development Coach and is responsible for the Fall and Spring Paddling Development Groups. She has a passion for canoe kayak and a vision of helping Maskwa advance and grow. She loves to motivate and connect with youth, and has a history of being instrumental in moving introductory paddlers from the summer program to the fall and year round high performance and development training groups. Savannah is a graduate of Mount Saint Vincent University and is working on her Comp-Dev coaching certification.

club manager christian brousseau

Christian is our Club Manager and the organizational glue that holds Maskwa together. She makes sure we dot all our i’s and cross all our t’s, and that no detail is overlooked in the successful execution of our programs. She is your go to person for any questions related to registration, program details, equipment purchase and all things Maskwa. Always there to help, if she does not know the answer to your question, she will quickly find someone that does and ensure you get the answers you need. Christian holds a degree with distinction from Mount Saint Vincent University.

board of directors

commodore brian smith

Maskwa is a non-profit organization run by a volunteer Board of Directors who meet regularly throughout the year. Our existing Board of Directors is led by Commodore Brian Smith, along with the below team of volunteers.

2022 Board of directors

  • Brian Smith – Commodore
  • Peter Giles – Vice Commodore
  • Rita Clarke – Past Commodore
  • Angela Murphy – Treasurer
  • Jeff Fraser – Vice Treasurer
  • Micheline Cote – Paddle Chair
  • Nik Thomas – Safety Chair
  • Barry MacPhail – Facilities & Maintenance Chair
  • John Moore – Community Relations Chair
  • Mark Taylor – Code of Conduct Chair
  • Kinnon Kendziora – Social Chair
  • Kim MacLeod – Fundraising Chair
  • Dan Dugie – Masters Rep
  • Jacob Steele – Athletes Rep
  • Anna Negulic – Athletes Rep

Board meeting annual reports

2020/2021 Annual Report (Most Recent)

2019/2020 Annual Report

2018/2019 Annual Report

2017/2018 Annual Report


Maskwa Bylaws


(Board meeting monthly minutes available upon request to