high performance program

Maskwa's High Performance Program prepares athletes 15+ for competition at the national and international levels. This program is tailored to athletes who are fully committed to developing the technique, fitness, strength, and training habits to be the best in Canada and the world!

program overview

High Performance athletes train year-round to develop the physical, technical, and mental skills required for our sport. Training is highly individualized and modifications to the standard group schedule to meet the specific needs of individuals are frequent. Maskwa’s High Performance group takes advantage of access to resources like sports psychologists, nutritionists, strength and conditioning experts, and elite guest coaches to help athletes reach their full potential.

program requirements

The High Performance paddling program is an invitation-only year-round program for athletes training to be the best in Canada and the world. High Performance athletes seek to train and perform at the maximum of their potential and attendance at all practices, competitions, and camps is needed to reach these goals. Athletes with other commitments which may affect their ability to meet these requirements must discuss these with the Head Coach prior to registration.

training schedule

The High Performance Group trains in the morning before school, in the afternoon, and Saturday mornings. Generally, training times are mornings 6:15-7:30AM, afternoons 4:15-6:00PM, and Saturdays 8:30-11:30AM but a specific schedule will be sent each weekend for the following week. Usually there are one or two “OFF” sessions per week to allow for adequate recovery.

off-season training

High Performance paddlers are usually on water from April-November and cross-train from December through February. Our off-water programming includes weight training, running, swimming, yoga, technical work and analysis, soccer, cross-country skiing, and much more. The group generally participates in a Spring Florida training camp each March. Details will be available in early Fall.

start date & Cost

Begins September 16, 2023 and runs through the end of August 2024. Total program cost is $2900.00, which is inclusive of all fees including boat storage. Reduced "University Fee" of $1863.00 available for athletes who are no longer in high school (also applies to athletes who have graduated post-secondary institutions and are now working  and continuing to train).

Siblings registered in year-round programs receive 10% off the base program fee for the second sibling (and any subsequent siblings). After registering, please notify the Club Manager (info@maskwa.ca) that you qualify for the sibling discount and it will be provided to you.

payment details

Payment can be made either in full, or in monthly installments*. If paying in full, the total cost is paid at time of registration, via credit card.

If paying in monthly installments (via automatic bank withdrawals), an initial deposit of $580.00 will be withdrawn on Sep 01, followed by 8 monthly installments of $290.00 to be withdrawn of the first of each month (Oct 01, 2023 to May 01, 2024 inclusive). For monthly installments for the University Fee, the initial deposit is $373.00 and the monthly installments are $186.25.

*Note: We no longer accept EFTs.
Automatic bank withdrawals are the only option if paying in monthly installments. If choosing this option, our accountant will contact you with instructions on how to provide your banking details to Maskwa.

Join our high performance program

High Performance registration

High Performance is an invitation-only program. Registration takes place annually at the end of August, for the upcoming training year (September – August). 


To register, go to the Register menu at the top of the page, and choose the program from the drop-down. (Note: if you do not see the program you are looking for, it means registration is currently not available).

cancellation policy & Missed payments

Participants of the High Performance program may withdraw from the program at any time by notifying the Club Manager via email at info@maskwa.ca. All refunds will be subject to an early withdrawal fee. Those who have paid in full for the year will also be prorated based on length of attendance in the program. No refunds will be issued if a participant is required to leave as the result of a conduct concern.

For those paying in monthly installments, please note that any missed payments (i.e funds not available when our processor attempts to debit the account) will result in a $25.00 fee due immediately with that month’s payment. Any account that incurs more than 2 unavailable payments will no longer be allowed to pay monthly and the remainder of the program balance will be due immediately.

Athlete Resources

No matter what level you’re competing at – from Kearney Lake to World Juniors or National Team Trials – the Maskwa Code of Conduct board member is here for you.



Athletes should have a safe and respectful environment to train and compete in. For any athlete that would like to report or inquire about any issues you’re having (at any level) please reach out to our confidential Code of Conduct board member to discuss your issues. –

canoe kayak paddling club

Mark De Jonge

Mark de Jonge’s first goal in sprint kayak is to stay upright. Our new paddlers know that exact same feeling! Nearly 2 decades later Mark is one of the best sprint paddlers in the world.


Coming from Maskwa Aquatic Club Mark won his first ICF World Cup medal in 2011 and captured bronze in his Olympic debut in London 2012. Since then Mark has captured many more international medals.


In September 2020 Mark’s sister suffered a terrible accident while bike riding with her young family. The spinal cord injury left her paralyzed below the chest. 


Our paddling club is not just a club. We’re a family and rallying around to help raise funds to help their family’s financial burden.

Our Canoe Club Sponsors

As a non-for-profit organization and one of the largest paddling clubs in Canada there is always a need for funding for new equipment, events, and special projects. You can help us provide the best possible program experience for our 400+ members and their families by becoming a sponsor.  Sponsorships are welcomed by individual, small business, and corporate donors.