Maskwa's Paddling Programs

With programs for every age and skill level, we welcome you to join the Maskwa family. Atlantic Canada's paddling lives here.

K1 Racing & C1 Racing

While we encourage everyone to try multiple styles of boats. C1 and K1 racing is available within any of our paddling programs.

C2-C4 & K2-K4 Racing

Maskwa has a variety of crew boats to race in. Winning national championships doesn't come from just the individuals. It comes from crew boats that work well together.

War Canoe

Our war canoe is currently trained within all of our paddling programs. If you're interested in just participating in war canoe racing please email us directly.

Summer paddling programs

A variety of summer programs for youths to get a taste of paddling while making lifelong friends. There's no better way to spend your summers than on the lake.

Dragon boat

One of the world's most popular paddling events. Our dragon boat paddling program is one of the best communities to paddle in.

SUP Racing

While we have not (yet) put on an official Stand Up Paddle board (SUP) program please email us if you are interested in SUP Racing at Maskwa.

Our paddling programs

High performance Program

Our club is designed to develop athletes from all ages. For those wanting to reach the Canadian National Team the high performance paddling program is for you.



Our canoe kayak club is the biggest in Canada, which allows us to bring in the best coaches & athletes.

Academy Program

With multiple variations to suit multi-sport athletes our academy paddling program is the key to honing your skills & strengths. 

This program prepares the competitive athletes to enter the high performance program.

Masters & Alumni

3x per week on the water, and in the weight room in the winter. Our masters & alumni program allows athletes to continue to train and compete at the masters level, competitive level or both.

Dragon Boat RAcing

For adults interested in a positive group atmosphere our dragon boat racing program is some of the best fun we have! 

Summer Paddling Programs

With a variety of options our summer camps are one of the best ways to spend your summer. Getting outside and active, meeting friends and trying new sports.

Paddling at Maskwa

Maskwa is not just the biggest paddling club. It’s also has one of the best reputations (with a lake that’s safe to swim in!).


Many of our athletes are also summer program coaches. Our members are not just members. We’re part of the Maskwa family and the club is our shared space that we all enjoy every year. 

canoe kayak paddling club

Mark De Jonge

Mark de Jonge’s first goal in sprint kayak is to stay upright. Our new paddlers know that exact same feeling! Nearly 2 decades later Mark is one of the best sprint paddlers in the world.


Coming from Maskwa Aquatic Club Mark won his first ICF World Cup medal in 2011 and captured bronze in his Olympic debut in London 2012. Since then Mark has captured many more international medals.


In September 2020 Mark’s sister suffered a terrible accident while bike riding with her young family. The spinal cord injury left her paralyzed below the chest. 


Our paddling club is not just a club. We’re a family and rallying around to help raise funds to help their family’s financial burden.

Our Canoe Club Sponsors

As a non-for-profit organization and one of the largest paddling clubs in Canada there is always a need for funding for new equipment, events, and special projects. You can help us provide the best possible program experience for our 400+ members and their families by becoming a sponsor.  Sponsorships are welcomed by individual, small business, and corporate donors.